About Us

The Rainbow Theatre Group was started in 1991 in Letterkenny, County Donegal.

At that time of its original inception, there was little theatrical music and drama in the town for children, so an idea was formed by 14 year old Treasa McKeown to form a new youth group. And so, the Rainbow Children’s Theatre Group was set up by Treasa in 1991. It ran throughout the 1990s under the helm of Patricia Lynch (RIP 2019) in the first number of years, assisted by Kathleen Ruddy (RIP 2015). Kathleen went on to become Producer in the latter years, and was assisted by Kate Doherty.

The group presented a Variety Show called “That’s Entertainment” each springtime, showcasing music, dance, drama and comedy. The group also performed at corporate and cultural events.

Most former members carried on in amateur dramatics and music throughout secondary school and on into adulthood, while a significant number went on to pursue careers in music, theatre, dance, and television. Virgin Media’s Ciara Doherty and BBC’s Declan Harvey are some of the most well-known alumni.

The Rainbow Theatre Group is a not for profit organisation, run by volunteers, and provided at minimal cost to the participants.

Now under the leadership of Kathleen Ruddy’s daughter, Mary Lane, along with Audrey Coyle, the Rainbow Theatre Group is in the exciting phase of reforming, and has a vibrant new Committee and Production Team. They are devising a show that will be staged in An Grianan Theatre in 2022, with rehearsals taking place in their original home of the Loreto Concert Hall.

The new Production Team and Committee look forward to emerging from this turbulent time of Covid restrictions with a new and invigorating group for children and young people in Letterkenny, and to allow them an outlet to express themselves through music, dance, drama and comedy.