Child Safeguarding Statement

As a group working not only for the development of young performers, but also for the development and empowerment of children and young people, child protection is very important to us.

This statement sets out a policy which requires all adults who seek to be involved in The RAINBOW THEATRE GROUP and its associated activities to accept the duty to safeguard the welfare of children and young people, and to prevent physical, sexual and emotional abuses of all children with whom they come into contact.

Protecting children and young people from abuse is an integral part of the policy and practice of all adults working with RAINBOW THEATRE GROUP during all group activities including publications and websites made available in its name.

RAINBOW THEATRE GROUP recognises the need to demonstrate to parents and guardians, to the wider community and to young people themselves, the importance we give to the child protection issue.

This means that we do not countenance any form of physical violence or abuse, whether committed by or inflicted upon either adults or young people. It also means that we do not countenance verbal insults or destructive criticism. RAINBOW THEATRE GROUP encourages respect for others’ background, appearance, personality, abilities, opinions or preferences. Adults must accept the responsibility to exercise due care in all activities, so that young people are not exposed to risk through adult negligence or incompetence.

Last Updated: October 26, 2021